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Getting Started: A Guide for the Lowly Freshmen

Meghan's High School Survival Site

Getting Started: A Guide for the Lowly Freshmen
The Typical High School "Stereotypes"
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Because we are all so clueless...

So, you walk in the doors of high school for the first time. Congratulations, you've just spiraled headfirst into the best (and worst) years of your life. To make sure that those years aren't any harder than they have to be, I give you the Freshman's guide to the first day.

  1. Supplies

Okay, so you're making the transition from children to adults; which means that in high school, grades count. I don't care what your friends told you, if you want a good future, you need to get good grades, and to do that you need supplies.

Not Even Negotiable

  • Binders (I prefer one for each subject)
  • Paper (For taking notes or writing notes to friends in class)
  • Pens and Pencils (This one is self-explanitory)
  • Highlighters (How else are you going to remember all those historical dates?)
  • Math set (Because measuring angles is hard without a protractor... plus when you're annoyed with someone you can poke them with the compass)
  • Bag (To put all your awesome new stuff in)

Not Needed but are a Comfort to Have

  • Calculator (Especially in science and math.... are you REALLY going to do all that formula math yourself?)
  • Pencil Sharpener (Unless you, unlike the rest of the world, don't own a mechanical pencil)
  • Pencil Case (Digging through a bag looking for an extra pencil in the middle of an exam is NOT fun)
  • Pencil Crayons (For projects and stuff; also for doodling)

2. Knowing Where You Are Going

Okay, so you managed to remember all the supplies you bought down to the last pencil. So far, things are gong great. The next part is finding your locker. You should have already gotten your locker assignment- if not you should go to the office and ask them where the list is. Find out where your locker is and how it relates to your classrooms- if it takes 5 minutes sprinting to get to 5th period algebra, you aren't going to want to sit and talk to your friends between 4th and 5th.

After the locker comes the schedule and your classes. All schools are different, but most either send you your schedule during the summer or have you pick it up your first day. If you walked through your school before you should be able to find everything pretty easily, but if you've never set foot in there before in your life you might need to ask somebody else for directions. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE RIGHT CLASSROOM. Believe me, this girl I knew sat in her English class for half an hour before her teacher called attendence and she was told she was supposed to be in another class.Basically she sprinted down the hall to her REAL classroom, where her teacher got REALLY ticked off.

What are "new meat" worried about first day of school?

I did a survey of my friends who were going into high school to see what they were most nervous about. Here's the final count:

Getting Lost:
Homework Load:
Not Fitting In:
Public Humiliation Factor:
Cafeteria Food:

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