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The Typical High School "Stereotypes"

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The Typical High School "Stereotypes"
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In a high school, there are a lot of different types of people. Some you hear about more than most. These are the ones I think are more prominent and seen just about everywhere.
I give you the most typical stereotypes known to teenagers.

Alien beauty queen
The "Popular chick"
You probably saw an example of her in middle school; she's the one with the expensive clothes, immaculate makeup, gorgeous boyfriends, and countless friends who swarm around her like a mosquito to a light. It would be unfair to characterize all popular chicks as mean, because everyone is different, but with all the attention and things handed to them all the time, these girls tend to get pretty bitchy to people who stand in their way.

The "Jock"
The real jocks usually play two or more major sports throughout the school year. Most jocks wouldn't dare date any girl besides the "popular chick" or the "cheerleader". Again personalities vary... some are mean, some aren't. The same goes with drinking, smoking and drugs. Some are stupid and get pulled into it, some value their health above unneccessary experience.

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
The "A-Student"
This person always gets good grades. They do their homework almost as soon as they get home, and they do it right; no skipping anything. Some people describe it as having no life, others say it's being sure they get into the school they want to. Most are either tolerated or socially shunned, but I haven't seen a popular "geek" yet.

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